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The Voiceless Project Docuseries


The Voiceless Project is a video docuseries currently in production being led by Film/TV actress and producer, Natali Jones. The Voiceless Project was inspired by a registered nurse, Erin Olszewski, who became an investigative journalist/whistleblower in June 2020 when she released an expose documentary to the world after secretly going undercover while working as a travel nurse inside the "Epicenter of the Epicenter," (Elmhurst Hospital) in Queens, NY at the height of the pandemic.  


Due to censorship and corruption in the government and our healthcare systems, innocent patients continue to die unnecessarily at the hands of those meant to protect them. After witnessing the unnecessary deaths of her patients, Erin decided to take matters into her own hands and expose what was happening to the public to save lives and stop the assembly line to a body bag.

With a new project idea, Erin reached out to a good friend, Lisa Giuliano, who has a similar heart to help people and had experience being boots on the ground advocating for health and freedom.  Amy Jones first heard of Erin's story early on and had been following Erin's progress in fighting against the protocols. Soon after she and Natali lost their own mother in September of 2022 due to the horrific hospital protocols, Amy saw that Erin was asking publicly for family members to submit photos and information of their lost loved one, which would be part of Erin's new project idea. Amy submitted their mother's information and included Natali, who could help with directing and producing the docuseries.

As a team, Natali (The Voiceless Project producer), Amy, Lisa, and Nurse Erin are dedicated to bringing to life the stories of those lost unnecessarily due to hospital negligence and untimely end-of-life protocols. 

The Voiceless Project's Mission is to give a voice to the voiceless who can no longer speak for themselves so that they are never forgotten, and justice may be served upon those responsible.

The voiceless victims have been used and propagandized as simply a numerical death count plastered over media stations throughout the world to induce fear of COVID. Their lives and identities have been stolen and are now considered only a number and a statistic. The public was only given one side of the story and The Voiceless Project will share the reality of what really happened.


The docuseries features photos and home-video clips of victims from all around the world. Their stories are told with real and raw testimony from people who loved them and from medical professionals who worked within the system. The Voiceless Project docuseries shares what the media, healthcare systems, and the government...will not.

This docuseries will bring humanity together as stories from all walks of life collide, but we need your help. The Voiceless Project is raising money to fund production through the tax-deductible crowdfunding platform, GiveSendGo. All donations will be put towards production costs such as editing, sound design, music licensing, color grading, motion graphics, animations, and other overhead costs.  


The Voiceless Project will forever keep your loved ones' memory alive and their stories will forever be told for generations to come...

With Love & Gratitude,

The Voiceless Project Team 

Natali, Amy, Lisa, & Erin 

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